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2 quotes from rated cleaning services businesses in Stockport, Cheshire

MyHammer is the number one place to find rated tradesmen and trusted service-providers for all your Cleaning Services in the area of Stockport needs. With hundreds of thousands of searches each and every month, MyHammer is fast becoming the biggest and most trusted internet location for inside and outside plastering and rendering work in the UK. Use MyHammer and save! Offer your Cleaning Services in the area of Stockport jobs for tender from the comfort of your own home to find more quotes in less time than by any other means. You will receive estimates and quotes for your job and be able to compare the different quotes to get the best deal and most professional firm. You can accept a quote for your Cleaning Services in the area of Stockport jobs on the basis of price, qualification, and references from previous users to save up to 30% and more. You do not have to pay any fees, because the tradesmen and service-provider pick up the bill. Looking for someone in your area who can wash your windows on a regular basis? Do you want to change something and need some advice or a special contract? Find professional and reliable service-providers in your region only by placing your jobs on MyHammer. Maybe you need some help around the house, ironing or cleaning, hovering or simply tidying up? With a busy schedule it is often difficult to give that floor, carpet, or parquet the special cleaning attention it needs or maybe a good spring clean is needed to get rid of the dust, mess, stains and other unavoidable marks and stains our homes gather over time. Perhaps you require a whole professional cleaning team for a once off event, or party, or to give the finishing touches to a new building project or office area. Or maybe you are looking for a regular cleaning service who have their own equipment (e.g., mops, buckets, cleaning products, dusters, window cleaners, brooms, dustpans, brushes and specialised detergents and bleaches¬) to fix your problems. All of these services can also be found on MyHammer too. Find more results for the most popular search terms for the category Cleaning Services. Archive for Cleaning Services

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Misc. Tradesmen/Service Providers in Leigh
in WN7 2UY Leigh
119 Rating of which 95% positive
address verification: Sole Trader/Independent


Area of expertise:

Misc. Tradesmen/Service Providers in Leigh

Job Description: To uplift and remove from terrace property underlay and carpet lounge, bedrooms, stairs hall and ... more

Search terms: Cleaning Services in Stockport, Disposal, Clear-up in Stockport, clearance, Dining, matress, clearance in Stockport, Dining in Stockport, matress in Stockport

Tiling Services in Bolton
in BL3 1JW Bolton
7 Rating of which 100% positive
address verification: Sole Trader/Independent


Area of expertise:

Tiling Services in Bolton

Job Description: Two storey Detached house in Bredbury. Approx dimensions of the gutters are 4x3m. 2 x down pipes. ... more

Search terms: Cleaning Services in Stockport, Roofers, Guttering in Stockport, path, paths Jetwash, Driveway, path in Stockport, paths Jetwash in Stockport, Driveway in Stockport

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