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Thousands of happy tradesmen and service providers can’t be wrong! MyHammer is one of the fastest growing and most exciting UK platforms matching tradesmen & service providers to customers and their household jobs and projects. MyHammer is not only the most tradesman friendly and flexible platform around, it is also the becoming Britain’s favourite place to renovate, clean up, and build. First-rate customers search our pages for qualified tradesmen and service pros in all types of work. From roofing, plumbing, electrical, carpentry, building, moving house to piano lessons, MyHammer has it all. If it’s your firm it has to be MyHammer!

How can you win new business at MyHammer?

You can register as a tradesman or service provider and create a profile with your qualifications, previous references, and ratings. Customers can then find you in the Directory and request a quote. Don’t want to wait? You can search the MyHammer site and find jobs you are interested in doing near where you live. You can then quote these jobs and find new customers. After the job is finished you will receive a rating from the customer and have the opportunity to rate the customer yourself. The more positive ratings you earn the more jobs you will receive. A positive profile also means you can demand higher prices for your work. So what are you waiting for? Register with MyHammer today!