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Wokingham: Dismantle and remove greenhouse (ended)

Job awarded for:£160 Amount of Quotes:1
Tradesman/Service Provider: gareth6567 

Completed by: piotr3923 (100%  17)
Job Location: Wokingham , Berkshire

"Fantastic job. Site left swept and really tidy. Even took away bricks the greenhouse had stood on plus all the debris that was lying around the area. Very punctual and job done very efficiently. Thoroughly recommended." – , 09/02/2017 5

Dismantle and remove greenhouse

A lean-to greenhouse needs to be dismantled and disposed of. Greenhouse is made of aluminium and glass and is approx 8' by 6'. There are also the usual workbenches / shelves in the greenhouse and some old polystyrene insulation. Please confirm that the waste will be disposed of at the council tip.
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