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London: Electrical work new sockets lighs, distribution board (ended)

Job awarded for:£1,200 Amount of Quotes:3
Tradesman/Service Provider: nina7200 

Completed by: spyralltd 
Job Location: London , London

Electrical work new sockets lighs, distribution board

Job description Hallway: 1. new distribution board, existing metal box to be trimmed / lined up with the surface of the wall. 2. The Light switch for the hallway to be repositioned. 3. I need 2 more ceiling lights as marked on the drawing. First would be at the entrance door and second in the corridor and 3rd near Living Room. These are LED lighting surface of ceiling mounted, cable has to be put into the ceiling and later to be covered by plaster, dimensions 300mm diameter, thickness 35mm 1300lumens (18Watts) . There would be 3 LED lamps each 700LUM operable from 2 switches. 4. There is 1 electric sockets in the Hallway next to door - to be repositioned (there is only 1 BT socket for the whole flat in corridor this one would be repositioned by BT). I need one double electric socket location next to bathroom doors - so I can plug my hair dryer there and a vacuum cleaner when cleaning the flat Main Bedroom: 1. 3 new double sockets as indicated on the plan 2. Existing Ceiling light will be replaced by new LED plafona light 'Kanlux Arisa Led' 1400Lumen Second Bedroom/ Study: 1. 2 new double sockets and existing socket to be repositioned slightly 2. Existing Ceiling light will be replaced by new LED plafoniera BEACH 40w 2gx13 IP 44 by Philips Living Room - open plan with kitchen 1. 3 new double sockets as per plan 2. Kitchen sockets as per plan attached 3. Ceiling - 8 new downlighters Balcony: 1. 1 wall light LED ( switch inside flat) All works to be done to certification
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