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Kingston Upon Thames: Erect fencing (ended)

Proposed Price:£750 Amount of Quotes:3
Tradesman/Service Provider: yunus5875 

Job Location: Kingston Upon Thames , Surrey

Erect fencing

Take out 9 wooden fence posts, 9 fence panels; then install 9 new posts in the same holes and 9 new fence panels; 1 6ft wide, and the rest 4ft wide. Tools needed are all provided including farm jack to remove posts easily, hole digger, spirit level, string etc etc. You will not require any additional tools. Also, I can help when a task requires 2 people eg. lifing fence into place, holding post when filling post hole with concrete. Will use ready mix fast set concrete, so no need to mix any on site. The land is all flat and I think the job will take 2-3 days depending on competency of the person.
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