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Manchester: Lay Laminate Flooring (ended)

Job awarded for:£120 Amount of Quotes:2
Tradesman/Service Provider: csbunce (100%  1)

Completed by: philip240216 (100%  1)
Job Location: Manchester , Lancashire

"Proffesional, Good work, Friendly, Cleary knows his stuff abnd will use again!" – , 06/12/2016 5

Lay Laminate Flooring

Lay Laminate Flooring in Front room. Room is 5.5M x 3.5M Where: Front Room When: weekday, ideally in one day Tasks: Remove Carpet and underlay Remove skirting boards Lay Laminate underlay Lay Laminate flooring (12mm thick) Put back skirting boards underlay and laminate flooring will be provided only. No tools will be provided, will require fitter to bring all appropriate tools.
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