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Rotherham: New cieling joist, dorma window, sloping cieling on stairs and fire door (ended)

Proposed Price:£2,000 Amount of Quotes:3
Tradesman/Service Provider: oblong77 (100%  3)

Job Location: Rotherham , South Yorkshire

New cieling joist, dorma window, sloping cieling on stairs and fire door

The loft in the house where I live has has been converted by the previous owners, however, it is not to regulations. The joists currently fitted are metal strips running the length of the loft with wooden joists resting on top of them and they don't feel very safe when any weight it applied (they essentially bounce!) I require: * New ceiling joists installing and boards (the winner might be able to use the boards that are already down though) * A new skylight window (as the one installed is too small and is too far from the guttering to use as an escape route) * The ceiling on the loft stairs needs to be sloped to avoid somebody hitting their head in the event of a fire. * I need a fire door hanging (I will buy the door). All work needs certifying to the current regulations so that it can be used as a proper room. Any questions, please ask. Thanks
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