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London: Plumber required for a 2 hour meeting (ended)

Job awarded for:£1 Amount of Quotes:1
Tradesman/Service Provider: gabrielchavigny 

Completed by: eddie1966 (95%  21)
Job Location: London , London

Plumber required for a 2 hour meeting

Hello, We are building a free iPhone app for technicians to help diagnose/quote/fix problems remotely. We would like to show it to you and ask what you think about the functionality, what tools would you like to see in it, is it easy to use etc. We are hosting a meeting day in Shoreditch, London on the 21st of November. We would like you to come, fix a typical plumbing issue remotely (leaking dishwasher, ring dropped in the sink, something like this) and tell us what you think. We will pay your normal hourly rates depending on how much of your time we will take.
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