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Wolverhampton: Repair or replace shed roof (ended)

Job awarded for:£70 Amount of Quotes:1
Tradesman/Service Provider: shabeena5229 (100%  1)

Completed by: sean2811 (96%  54)
Job Location: Wolverhampton , West Midlands

"Sean was very friendly, able to do the job quickly and was done very neatly all within a reasonable price. we were very impressed so much so that we recommended him to a neighbour a few doors down to refer their shed too! thanks again for all your hard." – , 07/12/2016 5

Repair or replace shed roof

replace shed roof felt for a 12ft by 20ft shed. we are located in Wolverhampton wv3 0rw. we would like this to be done as soon as possible as the shed roof is damaged and is leaking. we would like a quote for the job asap.
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