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London: Replace existing flooring with laminate floors (ended)

Job awarded for:£900 Amount of Quotes:4
Tradesman/Service Provider: reggie4785 

Completed by: home-upgraders (100%  35)
Job Location: London , London

"Brilliant service: high quality work, kept to the agreed timelines, great communication, very polite and friendly, a real pleasure to do business with. Will definitely be using home-upgraders' services again! Thanks." – , 21/10/2016 5

Replace existing flooring with laminate floors

I'm looking to re-floor the whole flat, including the hallway, 2 bedrooms and open plan living room & kitchen (approx 65 sq meters). The following should be done: 1. Remove and dispose of current flooring (laminate flooring in the living room and hallways, tiles in the kitchen and linoleum in the bedrooms). 2. Lay acoustic underlay and laminate floor (materials supplied) throughout the apartment, continuously from room to room, i.e. without any transitions or steps between rooms. 3. Reattach the skirting board, apply silicon seal between the kitchen furniture and floor. The apartment has no furniture (other than the fitted cupboards in the kitchen which are staying). The only items that will need to be moved include the fridge and washing machine.
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