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Greenford: Roof Work (ended)

Proposed Price:£10 Amount of Quotes:1
Tradesman/Service Provider: bhavic 

Job Location: Greenford , Middlesex

Roof Work

I am purchasing a new house, and a survey has revealed that there are issues with the roof. I would like a quote for work, and making sure that if we go ahead with it, it can be started and completed as soon as possible. The main roof covering is approaching end of its useful life. There are a number of slipped and damaged tiles evident and day light is visible from within the roof space. It is likely to be more economical to consider complete replacement. T The underfelt was ripped in part and appeared to be suffering from severe condensation. I understand the insulation on the floor joist were upgraded some time back. It appears there was no bventilation gap at leaves level. Consequently condensation ensued. It would be prudent to engage a competent roof to thoroughly lift the insulation and cryically examine the roof space and timbers generally
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